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Truck Fleet Servicing Is Easier Than Ever Today

When you have a business that mainly comprises moving shipments from point to point, your fleet of trucks will be your best asset. However, this will be the case only if each truck is working as it’s supposed to. Making sure the trucks are well maintained throughout can be difficult, particularly if you have other roles in the company as well. However, there are several methods of ensuring that all the trucks are maintained as required to ensure that your profit margins are not negatively affected, including:

Work with a single truck repair shop


Outsourcing truck repair and maintenance not only keeps your company operations lean, but can turn out to be cheaper as well. This works well particularly if you choose a single garage and then negotiate a package for truck repair in Mississauga. When you build a positive relationship in this manner, you are likely to get many benefits in return, including occasional discounts.

If you have many trucks that you need to keep an eye on, you can ask the garage for help in making sure that each of them is maintained at the correct time. You don’t want to do it too often as this will waste money, and you don’t want to delay it as this may lead to higher repair and maintenance costs. A high quality garage is likely to develop a custom system to ensure that all your trucks are serviced at the right time. They could even call you to remind you that a specific truck is supposed to come in for maintenance. This benefit is only available from high quality garages that are professionally run.

Make it a job description

You can also make truck maintenance and repair a specific job that an individual will do in the company, to the exclusion of anything else. This gives them the time to focus on each and every truck, making sure that it’s running as expected. The major benefit gained from this is that you can gain many metrics from such an employee, such as which trucks tend to need repair more often than others, which could indicate careless drivers. Having to add one more job to your company might sound expensive, but the benefits related to having your fleet run perfectly far outweigh this. In fact, you could end up saving more than you spend on the individual doing the job.

Use software to go hi-tech

You could also go hi-tech, making use of software or even apps to keep track of your truck fleet maintenance and repair. To do this, you may need to sample many of the products out there to find the one that fits your circumstances. If this seems tiresome, you could simply ask a software developer to design software for your company. Custom software tends to work best since it targets the specific issues your company might have, rather than being generic.

Doing truck service en masse

One way out that seems simple and old school is to simply set dates when all the trucks will go in for service. This might seem like an ideal solution, but it is fraught with many problems. Chief among these is that when all the trucks are in service, it means that your company will not be doing any business. If the process takes too long, this could affect your profit margin. Also, some trucks might need service at that time, while others may not. This is particularly true when the trucks are from different manufacturers, or were bought at different times. Having all of the being serviced at the same time increases the chances of wasting money on servicing some trucks that might not have needed it at the time.