Computer Diagnostics

We take care for your truck's computer & software

Lotus Logistics

uses the most modern, technologically advanced methods available to perform computer diagnostics on your fleet of vehicles.  Utilising this technology allows our team of experts to fully understand any areas of your vehicle that may need repair that would otherwise go unnoticed by conventional methods.  This is a very efficient use of time and money.

Reading Fault Codes

With many years working with a wide variety of businesses that rely on a truck, or fleets of trucks, we have become experts at reading all fault codes that our scanning tools will provide.  Allowing us to interpret what your truck needs to tell you in order for it to continue to function is vital to your business.

ECM Electronic Failures

The Lotus Logistics team are experts at working with any type of ECM.  Not only that, but we will be able to identify if your ECMs are set up with the optimal voltage.  Anything below 6 volts or above 12 volts is a problem.  We will be able to provide a solution.

Laser Alignment

A common problem with larger vehicles like trucks or trailers, it that tires are wearing out quickly.  This is an indication of a misalignment of the tires. This can be corrected through the use of Lotus Logistics’ laser alignment tools.  This service will dramatically cut down on the cost of frequently replacing tires.

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