If you operate trucks, trailers with a gross weight that totals over 4,500kg you will be required to have the vehicle pass an inspection periodically.  This is a very important consideration for any business that uses trucks as failure to meet the required standards will have an immediate and significant impact on your business.

In order for your truck, or fleet of trucks to successfully pass the required inspections the following will need to be rigorously maintained, inspected and repaired:

  • power train
  • suspension hydraulic brake system
  • brakes
  • steering
  • instruments and auxiliary equipment
  • lights
  • electrical system
  • body
  • tires and wheels
  • couplers and hitches


This component of the inspection will ensure that the tires and wheels are suitable for the road and meet all of the requirements necessary for compliance with government regulations.  If you are uncertain of any aspect of the legal requirements surrounding this part of your fleet of trucks then it is vital that a professional assesses the condition of your vehicles.


Not only is it important to have the wheels and tires fully examined for any breach of the legal requirements, it is also required for each vehicle to be inspected with the wheels removed. This allows for an unobstructed view of the mount to ensure that the vehicle is roadworthy and fully compliant


Getting your trucks ready for this inspection could not be easier.  Our team will be able to provide the confidence you need to be fully compliant and free to focus on other areas of your business.

  • Wheel report
  • Brake shoe check
  • Piston travel
  • Handbrake check
  • Lights
  • Run checks
  • FRA compliance
  • Change oil filters
  • Change air filters
  • Check for fluid leaks
  • Check fluid levels
  • Change air brake equipment


Regular oil changes are essential for any business that relies on fully functional trucks in the GTA. Getting an oil change could not be easier or more convenient through our drive through service.  This is also a good opportunity to avail yourself of our other services to ensure that your fleet stay in top working order.