Truck & Trailer Repairs

complete truck and trailer repair services in Greater Toronto - Mississauga

Reliable Truck & Trailer Repair Mississauga, Brampton

If you are the owner/operator of a fleet of trucks, you will need to have a reliable place to have repairs made. The team of experts at lotus logistics are able to provide our clients with tailor made solutions and repairs to any problem they encounter.

By Bringing you truck, or trucks to us for repair you can be certain that you will have the highest quality work performed at very competitive rates. We specialize in businesses that rely on the operation of their trucks being uninterrupted, and we fully understand the need for a quick and efficient service.

Engine Overhaul & Repairs

Getting an engine overhaul can be needed when dealing with trucks that are greater than 5 years old or have a high milage. This will be recommended when other options are not suitable for the condition of the vehicle. A member of our expert team would be glad to assist you with determining if this is needed.

Powertrain Overhaul & Repairs

The Lotus Logistics truck repair team will be able to diagnose any problems with you power trane and provide a solution and repair in the fastest time possible, while maintaining the highest level of care and attention to detail. It is our goal to develop a long lasting relationship with all of our partners that leave both parties satisfied.At our shop, we like to develop a trusted relationship with our clients. Value is built into every job, and we work to keep our rates affordable without sacrificing our standards.

Body Work

At Lotus Logistics we are able to provide all of the body work and adjustments that you would need performed on your entire fleet of trucks. Included but not limited to:

  • Heavy vehicle repair
  • Truck collision repairs
  • Truck alignment
  • Body damage repair
  • Truck body work
  • Chassis modification
  • Truck Mechanical repairs
  • Truck refurbishment
  • Truck refinishing
  • Full body repairs

Frame Alignment

When conducting any adjustments to the alignment of a truck, it is important to do so with a live reading. Calibration will be done in an ongoing basis until everything is in perfect alignment and you can be sure that the frame of your vehicle is aligned perfectly.


Any electrical repairs to your trucks will require highly specialised technicians. Lotus Logistics has a great many experts that are able to provide the very best in electrical repairs, adjustments and improvements. Ensuring that your vehicle’s electronics are working perfectly is of the highest importance to the team.

Roof, Walls, Doors & Panels

Repairs and new installation of external components of your trucks are sometimes cosmetic, but can also be structural and functional. The team at Lotus Logistics understands the need for these kinds of repairs and will be able to supply recommendations for both having tucks that look good and function correctly.

Welding & ALuminum Welding

We have a fully licenced expert welding team that can weld many metals with ease including aluminum. Our state of the art facility has the very best in modern equipment so that you can rest assured that your trucks are in the best hands.

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